The English County of Norfolk

Caister Csstle ruins

Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk
Caister-on-Sea is a seaside village in Norfolk just 3 miles from Great Yarmouth on the 'Golden Mile'. Caister is a popular seaside resort with its main attraction being the big sandy 'Georgian' beach. Its history goes back to Roman times. Caister Holiday Park, now owned by Haven, is one of the oldest in the UK.

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Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle in Norfolk
From about 1220, Norwich Castle was used as a gaol and saw many prisoners incarcerated and executed until 1887 so it's no surprise that many visitors claim to have witnessed paranormal activity and events on the site. There is a long history of ghostly sightings and reports.

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Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral in Norfolk
Norwich Cathedral is the cathedral church for the Church of England Diocese of Norwich and is one of the Norwich 12 heritage sites. It was built from 1096 and all the main parts of it are Norman - the nave, transepts, choir, central tower and the two apsidal chapels projecting from the main apse.

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Warren Lodge

Haunted Warren Lodge
The lonely, old Warren Lodge near Thetford in Norfolk is believed to be haunted, and many people claim to have seen similar apparitions and ghostly sightings over the years. The most common reports tell of a large white ghostly rabbit who sometimes has red glowing eyes, and who occasionally appears in the doorway entrance and hops around.

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