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The Bridge of Sighs in Venice

Bridge of Sighs, Venice
The interior of this famous bridge in Venice is divided into two narrow passages separated by a wall. From inside its grilled windows, prisoners were led to the State Inquisitor's Room on the third floor of the Palace. The bridge is completely enclosed and seems somewhat short. Many of the prisoners had to slouch to get through.

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The Dolomites Region in Italy

The Dolomites in Northern Italy
The Dolomites have a rich culture and tradition. Over the centuries, the valleys have preserved their individual traditions, rooted in the Longobard past. This legacy is also responsible for many words and expressions, giving rise to first Latin and then German surnames.

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Venice in Italy

Venice Celebrations
Sensa in Venice is a very old celebration, which takes place on Ascension-day. The Doge left the Venice laguna and reached the open sea by bucintoro, a richly decorated boat pushed forward by 168 oarsmen. When he was far away from the Venetian coast, he threw the royal ring into the water as a symbol for the ideal marriage which has linked Venice to the Adriatic sea ever since and forever.

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