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Pandora's Box

Legend of Pandora's Box
A lot of people have heard of the Greek legend of Pandora's Box but few are actually aware of this particular story which has been told and re-told since the earliest times, with many versions referring to a greek jar (a pithos), not a box. This short article explains what the legend was all about and what happened when Pandora opened the box which she was forbidden to do.

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Balsa Tree

Balsa Trees and Balsa Wood
The wood of the Balsa tree (Ochroma pyramidale) is remarkably light, very strong, cuts well and does not bend or warp easily. It comes from one of the fastest growing trees in the tropical forests and humid rain forests of Central and South America and can grow 4 metres in one year.

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Apache Leader Geronimo
Geronimo was to develop an intense hatred of Mexico and its people. In 1851, whilst Geronimo and his followers were away on a trading expedition, Mexican soldiers attacked his camp because of the continued Apache raiding. When the Apache warriors found out they returned to the camp quietly at night. When they arrived Geronimo found his mother, wife and three children had all been murdered.

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Zululand in South Africa

Anglo-Zulu Wars of 1879
The settlement of South Africa in the 19th century has a very turbulent history and it was especially true in Zululand, a province in northern Natal where the Zulus lived and farmed. It was not helped by a dispute between the Zulu king Cetywayo and the British about the position of the boundary between Zululand and the Transvaal, which the British took possession of in 1877.

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