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Festivals and Culture in Venice, Italy - Venice

St Mark's Square in Venice

St Mark's Square in Venice

Festivals and Culture in Venice, Italy

>Sensa in Venice is a very old celebration, which takes place on Ascension-day. The Doge left the Venice laguna and reached the open sea by bucintoro, a richly decorated boat pushed forward by 168 oarsmen. When he was far away from the Venetian coast, he threw the royal ring into the water as a symbol for the ideal marriage which has linked Venice to the Adriatic sea ever since and forever. Today the three Magi exit out of the Torre dell'Orologio and kneel down to the Madonna with the Child at every hour, during the week before and after the celebration

Festa del Redentore (Redeemer's Ceremony) in Venice
It is a solemn procession set up in 1576 when a terrible plague ended and it was then decided to build the Church of the Health. This event is celebrated at about the end of July with the building of two bridges of boats connecting the Basilica of St. Mark, Venice to the Church of the Health and the latter to the Church of the Giudecca in Venice. In the evening dinner is served on board the lighted ships, awaiting the traditional fireworks.